Earn up to $72 a year with MobileXpression

We have an exciting new partnership with MobileXpression, where you can earn up to $72 a year,in exchange for 5 minutes of your time.
That's up to $6 per month!

5 minutes of effort for $72 a year!

About MobileXpression

MobileXpression is a passive measurement meter that monitors your use of mobile internet: what websites are most visited and which apps are most used. The meter runs securely in the background on your device. Learn more

Your participation helps world leading brands understand a total view of internet trends and patterns.

5 minutes of effort for $72 a year!

What’s in it for you?

Earn up to $72 per year. That’s up to $6* per month!

Rewards will be added to your Curious Cat App balance and, as usual, you’ll be able to redeem them instantly via PayPal. Easy as pie!

* Monthly reward may vary depending on activity.

5 minutes of effort for $72 a year!

We care about your privacy

MobileXpression does not collect or view what a person is reading or writing - your content of texts, emails or instant messages and other confidential online forms remain private.

The data will be used for market research purposes only, and will never be linked to you.
Opt-out at any time.